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Just want to say the reception has been amazing.  We appreciate every like, every comment, every share, every follow, & of course every purchase!  The hope is that we'll be around for a long time and build something that touches a lot of people.  Let's show em who we are!  #abeautifulstruggle #absclothingline

So I wanted to write this blog because people really seem to love the logo and the name and I've gotten a lot of questions about how I came up with it and what it means.  So let me take you back a few years to 2016 & 17.  These were probably 2 of the most turbulent years of my life to date.  Without going into too many details lets just say I experienced some extreme highs like the birth of my daughter and some extreme lows like going without pay for nearly 3 months and all the difficulty that comes with that.  I went through soo many peaks and valleys in those 2 years that I just felt nauseous.  So one afternoon my wife and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood and were just reflecting on some of the wins and losses we've been experiencing and then out of nowhere a phrase came to my mind clear as day.  That phrase was, "I would venture to say that at worst and even at best this thing we call life is a beautiful struggle."  It was like a bomb went off in my brain and all I could think was if that doesn't sum up the story of my life I don't know what does.  As a matter of fact, if that doesn't ring true for soo many people I know I don't know what does!  When I look around me all I see is beauty, all I see is pain.  We all have things we're struggling with and yet we smile through it.  It was at that moment I wanted to create something that in a way pays homage to that struggle, pays homage to this life, and the concept of A.B.S. Clothing was born.  Read more about why we do what we do and what we represent here.

The logo took a little more time to come up with.  We actually worked with at least 50 different designers and reviewed at least 150 submissions before choosing our existing logo.  I didn't really know what I wanted the logo to look like but I did know what I wanted it to consist of.  I wanted the logo to have 3 elements that could essentially be a logo all on their own. (1) I wanted the words "A BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE." (2) I wanted a monogram or emblem or symbol of the letters A.B.S. And (3) I wanted a person or some kind of mythological creature like a griffin or a pheonix...and I wanted it to have wings.  It was a fun experience working with all these designers to bring this logo to life.  We went through tons of iterations (I've included some of those below) before deciding on the logo we have now.  The winged lion standing in dominance and protection atop the A.B.S. emblem with the words A BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE to anchor it all.  


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  • Will you be coming out with a women’s line?

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