As a growing streetwear brand we're now at a place where we need the help of our extended A.B.S. family to #1 create brand awareness and #2 create brand preference.  To that end we've officially launched our Ambassador Program!  

Ambassador marketing is a long game.  It's not just about generating sales.  It's about building a community and a vibe around your brand and using people that fit your brand to do so.  If we were to highlight the traits that define A Beautiful Struggle it would be:

  • Bold 
  • Rebellious
  • Confident
  • Experienced
  • Resourceful
  • Strong
  • Effective

If you’re invited to be our brand ambassador it’s because we see those qualities in you.  If you haven't been invited but you love the gear, feel like those traits describe you, and a have a sizable following then we want to hear from you.  We encourage you to first read our ABOUT US page so you fully understand why we do what we do and what we represent.  These are the feelings, sentiments, & vibes we want to put out.  Now for the details...

What the ambassador will provide:

  • 2 posts a week on IG feed and IG stories (Facebook would be an added plus but not required)
  • Make sure the product is clearly visible in your posts
  • Tag @absclothingline in the post and in the caption
  • Use #ABeautifulStruggle & #ABSClothingLine somewhere in the caption
  • Be sure to reference your unique promo code somewhere in the caption
  • Have "@absclothingline brand ambassdor" somewhere in your bio

What A Beautiful Struggle, Inc. will provide:

  • A new piece every 2 weeks at no cost to the ambassador
  • Invitation to be a part of every photo shoot
  • 10% cash back for every purchase made with your unique promo code (to be paid monthly via CashApp)
  • Regular features on our social media feeds and stories (Facebook & IG)
  • Further exposure on our marketing and advertising campaigns promoted nationally 
  • Permanent feature on our Ambassador Program page with hyperlinks back to your social media profile

If this is excites you, email us at now!